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It's Invisible Ink!

NoPrints-Is an original affordable, stylish graphic t-shirt & canvas printed artwork, designed by two self-taught artists. We also do contract work for logo design, murals, and artwork. EverydaysaFreethrow!

Story of a self-taught Artist

CEO & Creator of NoPrints


Artist-Randy Babb~NoPrints

NoPrints was born out of a combination of my lived experiences, and vivid imagination. 


My inspiration to create comes from my desire to express some of my thoughts which have allowed my perspective as a self-taught artist to evolve.


After facing this journey as a solo artist, I met iam4muze. Her passion to create and drive to perfect her self-taught artistry inspired me to invite her to join me at NoPrints.  She possesses a boundless talent and is headed anywhere she desires. We invite you to be open..... and honest. 

Most of all... we invite you to See. 

We welcome you to NoPrints.


Story of An Artist

Mianta- iam4Muze

Art has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. It has come in many forms such as the art you see but also through dancing. It has been a source of liberation, expression, and healing for me.


NoPrints invited me on a path of creativity and the priceless opportunity to share my talents with the world to see through the eyes of the Muze....iam4muze. I invite you to join me on the journey of a self-taught artist.


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